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3 Reasons to Switch from the Sheriff to a Private Process Server

Whether you are an individual representing yourself or an attorney representing many clients, there are a lot of reasons to use a private process server over the sheriff. The two methods of service are about equal in cost, but they are far from equal in results. Here are just three of the many reasons to use a private process server.


A private process server is going to be able to serve your papers in a much more timely manner than the sheriff. The sheriff’s department has a lot of responsibilities, and serving papers is not high on their list of priorities. While they will try to get papers served within what they consider a reasonable amount of time, the sheriff and their deputies are not going to be as timely as a private process server who is dedicated to the purpose.

Skip Tracing

If someone is actively avoiding being served, it may become necessary to do skip tracing to locate them. The sheriff’s department works with limited resources. They are not able to put investigation into finding people to serve. If they cannot serve your papers with the information they have, they will return them to you. However, a private process server will be able to use private investigators, social media investigations, and skip tracing to find people that need to be served quickly.

Cost Savings

While the sheriff and a private process server are about the same upfront cost, there can be substantial cost savings using a private process server. Time is money in many lawsuits and legal cases, and not having your papers delivered in a timely manner or at all can cost you hundreds or many thousands of dollars. 

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