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Civil Litigation

Do You Need Representation as the Plaintiff or Defendant?

Civil litigation occurs when one party seeks monetary compensation or specific actions for a non-criminal offense. The most common issues that arise in civil litigation are landlord/tenant issues, products liability, personal injury, intellectual property, real estate, and worker’s compensation.

As the Plaintiff in a civil suit, you are the person who feels wronged. You are the one who initiates the lawsuit by hiring legal counsel. Your attorney will draft supporting documents and file them with the Clerk of Court, then issue a Summons for the Defendant. It’s important that your attorney in Orlando choses a reliable process server to deliver the papers so that the court can properly establish jurisdiction and the Defendant can be aware of all legal proceedings.  

As the Defendant, it is on your shoulders to prove the lawsuit is incorrect or unjust. You need to hire a defense attorney to ensure the allegations from the Plaintiff are proven incorrect. Your attorney will likely need to serve record subpoenas to gain access to any documents that can support your innocence.

During all of these processes, regardless of whether you are the Defendant or the Plaintiff, it’s vital for you to choose a reliable attorney and process server. At Accurate Serve in Orlando, Florida, we are experts in serving civil process. We know what we’re doing and we will be sure your papers are served accordingly.