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Family Law

If you find yourself involved in legal proceedings regarding family matters and domestic relationships, then you may be experiencing a divorce, adoption, or child custody situation. Your first task is to find a family law attorney who can help you navigate the legal proceedings, and your next step is to hire a process server who can reliably serve any legal papers to your opposing party in a timely and efficient manner. At Accurate Serve Orlando, we are experts in Service of Process and work every day to serve sensitive family law papers.

Make Sure Your Divorce Runs Smoothly

Divorce, also known as a dissolution of marriage, is an emotionally distressing event that many Americans have faced. Accurate Serve can ensure that your divorce papers are delivered to your opposing party by the best and most efficient process servers in the Orlando area. Divorce papers must be provided through proper service of process, which involves a summons and petition for dissolution of marriage to be personally delivered to the other party. Since this service process must meet strict delivery regulations, leave the responsibility in our hands.

Find Support for Your Growing Family           

Children deserve the utmost love and support, which is why so many parents find themselves in court fighting for custody of their children or adoption of their grandchildren and other relatives. Given that child custody disputes usually involve extreme emotions, choosing a professional, experienced process server is vital. At Accurate Serve, we send only the best process servers to deliver sensitive child custody paperwork to birth parents. This way, you are relieved of one of the many burdens involved in a child custody dispute and can guarantee that the most important papers are delivered in a professional and responsible manner.

Sort out Child Support

As a product of divorce and child custody battles, child support is also a tricky, often hostile battleground since it involves monetary calculations. Cases range from first time arrangements to decade-old agreements that must be modified due to custody or lifestyle changes. If you need child support papers served to the opposing party, trust Accurate Serve with the delicate task and rest easy knowing that your case papers have been properly delivered.

Just One Limitation

It’s not often we say “can’t,” but we can NOT serve Domestic Violence Injunctions due to Florida’s law that such injunctions are enforceable only by the Sheriff.

Regardless of your situation, the family law process servers at Accurate Serve are here to guarantee your most important papers are delivered in a timely, efficient, and trustworthy manner.