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Love Thy Neighbor and Pay Your HOA Dues!

A neighborhood’s Homeowner’s Association (HOA) exists to create and enforce certain guidelines that are meant to uphold a specific appearance and tone of the neighborhood. This can be a great attribute for people who value orderliness and consistency, but it can also cause problems with small details that aren’t always agreed upon.

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, remember to follow these simple rules to ensure you don’t get yourself into trouble.

DO…Read your contract with the HOA and ask permission before going out of bounds.

DO… Keep your yard clean and orderly.

DON’T… Build a fence or shed without first checking the rules.

DON’T… Use your front yard as storage for broken down cars or appliances.

Given the nature of an HOA as a rule holder and enforcer, problems are bound to arise. Whether you are an HOA representative or a frustrated homeowner, you might need legal assistance if a problem escalates. Whether it’s a resident not paying HOA bills or a renter causing problems, contact an attorney in Orlando who handles these matters to discuss your options.

Be sure to mention Accurate Serve in your discussions. We know more than the average Joe about HOA matters in Orlando, Florida and work every day to ensure papers are served in the proper manner.