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How to Work with Your Process Server

Your private process server will take your job very seriously. They are trained and skilled in all aspects of serving legal papers. However, even with all of their resources, private process servers work better and faster if you collaborate with them as a partner rather than a service. There are several ways that you can help your process server handle your case.

Up-to-Date Information

The legal papers to be served contain the party’s name and last known address. If the individual cannot be served at that address and you have a new address for them, give that information to the process server. This will save them time in trying to hunt the person down. You should also make sure that your process server has the last known place of employment, as well as any other information that might help them find the person to be served.

Answer All Questions

If your private process server runs into obstacles keeping them from serving your papers, they may want to ask you a series of questions to help them overcome the obstacles successfully. Be willing to answer any questions that they have as fully as possible. You never know what information might lead to the individual being found and served.

Stay in Touch

A good private process server will contact you frequently with updates on the status of your papers. While you might be tempted to let these updates go to voicemail, it is better to take the call. Get the update and give yourself a chance to ask any questions you have or provide additional information to the server.

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