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Claims Made by Multiple Parties

Interpleaders are not very well known outside of lawyer’s offices and judge’s chambers, but they serve a vital role in balancing the complex world of insurance. An interpleader is civil procedure in which a plaintiff initiates a lawsuit in order to pull two or more other parties into litigation to resolve an issue. This most commonly occurs in regards to insurance contract disputes.

When filing a complaint for an interpleader in Orlando, the plaintiff, also known as the stakeholder, is in legal possession of some sort of property or money that does not belong to him. The interpleader brings together the parties who could be legally awarded the property, and the court determines the rightful owner. This process frees the plaintiff of liability and helps a final decision occur without the need for multiple lawsuits.

This is a very complex legal matter, so it requires guidance from an attorney and a reliable process server in the Orlando area. Call Accurate Serve to see what we can do for you!