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Monica F
December 2019

Excellent service, quick and reliable. I used them all the time and always happy with their service

Julia Reyes-Daniels
December 2019

Accurate Serve continues to provide us superb service. We have been using their services for two and half years now and are very pleased with the customer service they have provided us. We highly recommend their services.

Lisa Franchina
December 2019

The best process servers ever. I’ve been using them for a few years now and I am very satisfied with their service. They get the work done quickly and are very professional and fairly priced.

Andrea Schofield
December 2019

Nancy Thériault
December 2019

Good & fast service !

Josh Adams
December 2019

Joseph Hunchuck
December 2019

These are MY process servers. Reasonable price, never a problem, and quick.

I always recommend them to other attorneys.

Lyle Mazin
December 2019

I have used Accurate Serve routinely and they have always severed my needs well! Solid & competent service.

Brice Shrader
December 2019

Accurate Serve has continued to provide our law firm with exceptional service. They are quick and provide frequent updates as to each job. I highly recommend their services to all law firms.

Jennifer Morando
December 2019

I have had great experiences working with Accurate Serve of Orlando. Kevin and his staff are friendly and responsive and they get the job done.

jayson zortman
December 2019

Accurate Serve has always provided their services with excellence and efficiency. Our communication experience has been stellar. Their follow through and attention to detail has always provided peace of mind on our end. We use Accurate Serve as our primary process service company and I highly recommend them with 5 stars.

will strawcutter
December 2019

Accurate Serve has always provided their services with excellence and efficiency. Our communication experience has been stellar. Their follow through and attention to detail has always provided peace of mind on our end. We use Accurate Serve as our primary process service company and I highly recommend them with 5 stars.

carolyn gidusko
December 2019

Lindsey Easterling
December 2019

We had a wonderful experience with Accurate Serve. As a law firm from another state, our commuincation and timeliness was very important. All of our needs and timelines were met.

Lizz Garcia
December 2019

Nina Patterson, Esq
December 2019

I have used Accurate Serve several times over the past year and have never been disappointed. They kept me updated on attempts to serve, their prices are extremely reasonable, and when they could, they provided same day service. I will definitely continue to use them in the future.

Thomas Hockman
December 2019

Carmen Iris Nieves
December 2019

Great service. Responds and acts quickly to requests for service. Our office use them for service even in areas outside Orlando as they have different offices throughout Florida. Highly recommend

Eboni Starr
December 2019

Joshua Wright
December 2019

Cindy Riesen
December 2019

DeDe ODair
December 2019

Timely and accurate service. Highly recommended!

Audrey Haun
December 2019

Kevin and his team are amazing! They are fast and efficient. They continuously provide updates on the status of service for all of my cases. I consider them a valuable asset to my team!

Lydia Sandlin
December 2019

Ivette Graves
December 2019

I am a Real Estate Professional and have been using Accurate Serve for a couple of years. They are very responsive and responsible. Super Professionals.

Matt Brown
December 2019

Great service and responsive communication.

James Kelley
December 2019

I have used them many times for service of process. They always do a great job.

Karima Mourhat
December 2019

Amazing service and very professional!!!

Hanna Macool
December 2019

Kevin and his crew are awesome! They got served a defendant of mine that the Sheriff’s Office could not serve! I have the highest regards and reviews of Kevin and Accurate Serve!

Beth Roland
December 2019

Excellent, friendly, competent service provided every time.

Sophie Effy Vazquez
December 2019

Accurate Serve is an amazing company. We use them for my employer’s firm to serve court documents to the opposing side. They are very responsive and provide updates as to the status of a job. Kevin and his staff are always friendly. We highly recommend!

Jorge Varela
December 2019

I have done business with them fora few years now. Great service and turn around time. A pleasure to do business with them.

Beau Charlet
August 2019

Accurate Serve of Orlando is an awesome process serving company. Any time I need a serve in Orlando, I am calling Accurate Serve.

Erick Maillard
August 2019

Anne Lane
August 2019

Excellent crew that works together seamlessly, and communicates with me as an out of state server for their clients like I was there in their office. Pay is always sent timely, and their affidavits reflect exactly what I report dependably. Thank you, Folks!

Maytel Bonham
February 2019

Kevin and his staff provide excellent service for all of our process serving needs as well as locates on hard to find people. Strongly recommend this professional group.

Derek Metts
January 2019

Accurate is great! Metts Legal has been using Kevin and his team for years. They go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to track people down. Thanks for all your help!

Kevin and his crew are awesome! They got served a defendant of mine that the Sheriff’s Office could not serve! I have the highest regards and reviews of Kevin and Accurate Serve!

Excellent service. . . always.

Our partnership is pretty much solidified at this point. After several jobs without any issues I am comfortable saying that Accurate Serve is absolutely the best group of process servers I have worked with because of their uncommon communication and speed of service.

Thank you Accurate Serve.

Such quick service, very responsive. Will DEFINITELY use again if serving in this area!

My law firm uses Accurate Serve of Orlando for all of our process serving needs. Any time I have something that needs to be served, they always take care of it quickly and efficiently and for a fair price. Highly recommended!

We are so lucky to have found Kevin Fedotov and Accurate Serve. We have been using their services for over a year now and we have been very pleased with their excellent service. They are prompt, consistent and have handled numerous jobs flawlessly.

I am a Paralegal for an Orlando Law Firm. We started using Accurate Serve a few months ago and could not be happier. Everyone is so pleasant and Kevin does his best to help out with any issues we may be having. They are efficient and reliable. I highly recommend them if you want the job done fast.

Kevin and his staff provide excellent service for ll of our process serving needs as well as locates on hard to find people. Strongly recommend this professional group.

Kevin and his staff did a great job of handing our “rush” service request. They confirmed receipt of the documents, served the papers the same day, and provided a copy of the affidavit of service. I’ll be using them again for all of our service of process assignments in the Orlando area.

Accurate Serve Orlando has been by far the best service that I could’ve asked for. I am not an attorney, but I needed Accurate Serve to help me serve some documents for a small claims court subpoena that I had. Kevin and his team were able to help me get the job done. Thank you accurate Serve Orlando for helping me with this step of the process. I highly recommend Kevin and his team for any process serving opportunities that you may have. Thank you Accurate Serve Orlando.

I am an attorney I Kissimmee, FL that uses Accurate Serve for all my process server needs. This is a great company that provides quality, efficient service. The owner, Kevin is very understanding and also willing to work with his customers need. I would suggest Accurate Serve to anyone looking for a quick and reliable service company in Orlando. Great Customer Service!

They provided excellent service. No doubt, I will use Accurate Serve again!

When you are in need of a process service to do their job without any hick-ups, use Accurate Serve. I am highly impressed with the way they facilitate any documents that have been sent to them for service. Thank you Kevin and team!!

Accurate Serve has been professional, easy to work with, and fairly priced for me. I highly recommend their services.

Kevin and his team at Accurate Serve of Orlando are fantastic! They are always available to process rush jobs, extremely timely and responsive to all e-mails, and offer convenient online payment options. A++++

We could not be happier with the level of service provided. We were promised our service would be attempted with 3-4 business days and within 2 days the service was completed. Every time we have used Accurate Serve we have been happy with their level of professionalism and the time in which our documents were served. We will definitely continue to use them!

Accurate serve of Orlando definitely lives up to its name. They are proffessionals. They keep you updated via email so your not wondering if the job is being done. Kevin and his team are great professionals who make you feel at ease that the job will get done ACCURATELY. Thanks all of you at Accurate Serve Orlando.

They definitely walk extra miles to help their clients. What I love most is their responsiveness.

They served someone for our out of state firm quickly and efficiently.

Professional and always very helpful!

The best in the business. Prices are reasonable and they are always ready to serve 😉

We use Accurate Serve Orlando for all our process serving and skip trace needs! They are quick, responsive, reliable and make the whole process very easy. Kevin is the best! Can’t recommend enough.

I have been using Kevin and his company since I started my law firm many years ago. he is very hands on, and most importantly, this man and his team gets the job done. I cannot express my gratitude in words for his services and making it happen for me and my clients. If you want someone who is response and will get the job done, he is the firm you are looking for. I have worked with many process servers around central florida, and I will you he is the best at what he does.

We are a fairly high volume litigation firm and have bee using Accurate Serve for a couple years now. I could not not be happier with the professionalism displayed by Kevin and his staff. I find myself often referring other attorneys to Accurate Serve. You can’t go wrong!

Kevin is awesome to work with, and he and his office are incredibly responsive, provide efficient service with constant status updates, and the rates are very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a great process server!

As an family law attorney in the Central Florida area, I often need individuals served and done with discretion. Kevin does a fantastic jobs and give me real time updates. Always willing to work with the hours and location of service request.

Accurate serve is friendly, fast, affordable, accurate & efficient. I emailed a lawsuit to be served in Volusia County & Kevin provided me with a form motion & order to appoint Accurate Serve. Within 24 hrs of the Order being signed by the Judge, the lawsuit was served. Kevin is the best!!! I highly recommend Accurate Serve!!

Kistin Hill
December 21, 2016

I highly recommend this company. Very fast and always dependable. Great office staff with a quick response time.

Chelsea L. Metka
December 20, 2016

Wonderful experience, our office will continue to use Accurate Serve Orlando!

Sean McCormack
December 19, 2016

Great process server. Timely and affordable. Thank you!

Eddie Daniel
December 15, 2016

We always contact Accurate Serve of Orlando when we need assistance. Thank you for a fast and efficient service everytime. Love from the Ivanor Law Firm.

November 13, 2016

Kevin is the best never misses anyone

Kim Soto
November 4, 2016

As an owner of my own law firm service is important and Accurate Serve of Orlando offers wonderful service every time!!! I would highly recommend Kevin and his team. They are always sending me updates and are always available for calls and discussions on the best way to proceed. I have used multiple different companies and this one is by far the best!!! Thanks Kevin and your wonderful team!!

Paola Armenteros
September 23, 2016

Accurate Serve of Orlando is FANTASTIC!!!! The firm i currently work for uses them often, and they get the job done. The time frame is fantastic, they make sure to get it done ASAP. They take really good care of their clients We don’t use anyone else, (Personally i wont either)

brooke batton
August 11, 2016

I work in a medium size law firm and instead of using larger companies, we appreciate the fact that we can call and talk to kevin directly everytime. He always know whats going on with the service of process and is always fast, effective, and efficient. It has been my experience that you call Kevin when you have important and/or urgent jobs to get done so as to ensure they are done right and within time limitations. Kevin has a great work ethic and has always answered our calls in emergencies. Choosing Accurate serve Orlando is the right choice, and one my company will continue to make, time and time again.

Adrianne Colon
July 27, 2016

Excellent and professional service. Quick as well. I highly recommend their services. Anxiousness now gone thanks to them. Thank you so much!

Working with the Accurate Serve of Orlando keeps our office performing at a high level. Covering all Central Florida they handle all our business with the upmost professionalism.

Marie Levasseur
April 29, 2016

Accurate serve provides fast and efficient service for all of my law firms needs. Kevin is always a pleasure to speak to and easy to get a hold of. I am a paralegal working for a law firm in downtown Orlando and I HIGHLY recommend Accurate Serve of Orlando. The turnaround times are quick and our client’s are always very pleased with the result. Again, I highly recommend Accurate Service of Orlando for any of your process service needs.

Ana Taitt
February 24, 2016

Accurate Serve is the fastest and most reliable in town. They get the job done right every time, with great customer service.

Leah Skinner
February 7, 2016

I am a legal assistant at a Local Family Law firm. I was referred to Kevin and accurate serve by a paralegal/friend. He has changed the tempo of our office! Always gets the job done quickly and accurately – along with status updates that we can relay to our clients. Highly recommended!

Kristy Rodriguez
September 6, 2015

Excellent service can take care of all your process serving needs

Carol Smaya
August 13, 2015

I’m not interested in knowing whether or not there are other processing services in Orlando. Kevin does it all. I send an email, I get confirmation of receipt, and Accurate Serve Does the rest. Really good business partners are those that take a request and run with it to completion and Kevin does. Thank you Kevin!! Accurate Serve of Orlando makes me a success as a paralegal because once I make the request, I know it is good as DONE with Kevin on top of it.

Jessica Bonner
July 28, 2015

5+++from the start. From the start to the finish the level of service that received was above and beyond of what was expected. Tried many times with other service companies and had no luck. Kevin got it right on the 1st try and then he even gave a call letting us know the good news. Sending us an email copy and an official copy for the courts. The prices were also excellent and would include up to 5 tries if needed. If I ever needed service again, they would be the first to call. Thank you so very much!!!

Amanda Moore
July 23, 2015

Awesome Job, Kevin worked quickly to help find someone and find someone he did! 🙂 a lot of detailed information. Thank you, so much Accurate Serve of Orlando is the way to go, for all your processing needs! Thank you again

Francee Williams
July 16, 2015

Accurate Serve Orlando is the preferred process server company for The Law Office of Travis Williams. Kevin Fedotov is extremely professional. He handles every job quickly and he gets the job done. We appreciate that we can email him a subpoena and receive immediate confirmation of receipt. We also value the thorough follow up after the papers have been served. We would highly recommend Accurate Serve of Orlando to other attorneys.

Geoff Hoatson
July 14, 2015

We’ve used a number of process servers over the years, but nobody comes close to Accurate Serve’s dedication and competency. They serve faster than anyone we’ve used and they do it with minimal involvement from us. I can’t recommend them enough.

Clinton Cagle
June 26, 2015

Speedy service and an open line of communication make Accurate Serve of Orlando the best process serving group in Central Florida. Kevin always serves papers within the time frame requested and issues affidavits immediately after service. There is no other process serving group I would use other than Accurate Serve of Orlando.

Chet Barton
June 8, 2015

Individual doing an out of county divorce action, I was attempting to locate my wife only based on her old employer’s information. I contacted Accurate Serve Orlando and was immediately transferred to Kevin. Kevin was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the law, and was able to secure the Defendant’s new address through a Skip Trace quickly. I called Accurate Serve on Friday afternoon and Kevin’s team had the Defendant served by Saturday. Kevin’s rates were very reasonable and the service was fantastic!

Faheem Prasla
January 5, 2015

We retained Accurate Serve of Orlando to serve a Defendant in Orlando, Florida for a lawsuit that was pending in Texas. They did a great job getting the Defendant served with process quickly and for a price cheaper then most other process servers we have used in the past.

Tory Masters
July 21, 2014

I use Accurate Serve for all of my process serving needs! Kevin is always quick and friendly when responding to e-mails. Accurate Serve gets the job done and keeps you informed every step of the way.

Tory Masters
July 21, 2014

Kevin does an outstanding job with his process serving company. He is well liked by all of his Clients and works tirelessly to ensure his Clients are getting the best service in Orlando. He also serves papers all over the state and nation with ease. Highly recommend for your process serving needs.