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Terms & Conditions

Pre-payment is preferred, especially if you are a new Client. If you are a frequent Client, we have no issues in invoicing you once service has been made. If we do invoice you, kindly submit payment within 30 days once the paper has been served. If you drag your feet to pay, then we will add late fees. We don’t like adding late fees but it’s a necessity in some cases. To avoid late fees, pay the Invoice ASAP.

We accept payments 24-7 via this website. Look up and to your right and click on Payment link in the Header toolbar. You can also mail checks or money orders to the address below:

Orlando Office:
Accurate Serve®
424 E. Central Boulevard, Suite 304
Orlando, FL 32801
Kissimmee Office:
Accurate Serve®
3050 Dyer Boulevard, Suite 445
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Lake Mary Office:
Accurate Serve®
4300 W Lake Mary Blvd.
Suite 1010, Unit 150
Lake Mary, FL 32746


Address & Attempts

We give four attempts at each address provided. We charge for each address we attempt. If we are initially given an address which turns out to be a bad address and then Client supplies a second address, there will be a second charge.

There are no refunds and asking for a refund is just tacky. You hire us to perform a service. We spend our time and effort working for you, so that time and effort gets rewarded, in the form of money.

If you send us work, you are agreeing to these terms and have accepted our general rules, policies and procedures.

Professional Process, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® of Orlando and Winston Honore Holdings, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® are released from any liability or claims that may arise out of using this service.

Our Process

What are the most important things to look for when hiring your service of process provider?

  1. Speed of Service
  2. Knowledge of FL Statutes
  3. Communication with Clients
  4. Rates

We pride ourselves on the speed of our delivery. We know what we are doing, half of the Owner/Operators of Accurate Serve are recognized by FAPPS as experts in the field. We update Clients around the clock, during normal business hours and throughout the night and early morning. If we’re in the field, we are attached at the hip to our smart phones. Our rates are generally lower than our competitors. With that being said, if you find a cheap process server, remember you get what you pay for. We are reasonably priced and provide a great service for that rate.

Three attempts are required for due diligence. At Accurate Serve of Orlando, we go above and beyond. Generally, we give an extra attempt, sometimes more. Once the papers have been served, we provide our Clients with a scan copy of the Return of Service (ROS) Affidavit. In Florida that scan of the ROS can be e-filed. This is also true in US District Court cases.

If you have an upcoming Hearing,Trial, etc. we do offer Rush service. A Rush is twice the standard fee and is served at a quantifiable quicker pace. Plain and simple, we get the job done. Our customer service is through the roof, we dedicate ourselves to each and every Client. No jokes about it, we’re Mickey friendly and FedEx fast. Hire us to see results, keep us around to maintain peace of mind when it comes to your process serving needs.
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