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The Making of a Good Process Server

A good process server can sometimes be hard to find. When you have court documents that need to be delivered accurately and quickly, you want a process server with a high success rate and quality talents. There are a lot of qualities that make a good process server. Look for these qualities when you are interviewing process servers before making a decision.


A good process server is persistent. They are not likely to give up easily when they face obstacles in delivering court papers and documents. Good process servers are willing to do whatever it takes to get your papers served appropriately and quickly. They will run a skip trace, hunt down social media accounts, and attempt service at odd hours to get the job done.


Process servers have to have a lot of knowledge and training to do what they do. There are several laws and regulations regarding proper service of court documents. Different types of documents and different types of cases must be handled in a specific way. A good process server is aware of these rules and follows them to the letter. This is important, because if your papers are not served correctly, it could result in delays in your case.


A good process server is effective at networking. They have contacts in many places that help them locate individuals and get papers and court documents served quickly. Good process servers have networks that allow them to help you get papers served across state lines and even internationally.

If you have an upcoming court case and need to have someone served with papers, contact us today to get started. Our process servers are hand picked and fully trained to handle any type of documents you need delivered.