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The Responsibilities that Process Servers Have

Process servers perform an essential function that helps keep our entire country running smoothly. Process servers deliver all sorts of legal documents, including writs, summons, complaints, motions, termination of tenancy notices, eviction papers, and more. But it’s about a lot more than just handing off a court summons to an unhappy defendant. Process servers have much larger responsibilities with implications that reach far beyond their service area.

Process servers are charged with:

Ensuring Due Process

Due process is a constitutional right guaranteed to all Americans; process servers play a role in making sure due process is a part of every single court case, no matter how small. By providing ample notification for people who are requested in court, process servers give people adequate time to prepare for that appearance as is required in our country’s most basic laws.

Helping the Legal System Function

Court schedules would be a potential logjam if we depended on people, to be honest about whether or not they had been notified about an upcoming court date. Having to constantly reschedule court dates due to evasive or dishonest litigants would quickly go awry, so having process servers to verify when parties were notified is a reasonable and effective solution.

Helping People Get Justice

Process servers also help protect people by not allowing criminals to hide away from justice. With just a few pieces of information, process servers can locate almost anyone. No matter how evasive the person who wronged you is, an experienced process server can find and serve them.

Orlando’s Premier Process Service Agency

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