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What Is Skip Tracing, and When Is It Necessary?

Do you have a civil court case in progress but can’t find the defendant? This actually happens quite frequently. When it does, you need to know that you have a process server available that has the tools and knowledge to find difficult to locate people and get them served in a timely and accurate manner. To do this, process servers use something called skip tracing. Here’s what it is and when it is necessary.

What Is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the act of locating an individual who is missing or otherwise avoiding detection. There are a lot of tools that process servers use in skip tracing. They frequently peruse public records such as marriage licenses, property deeds, vehicle registrations, and public arrest records to locate the city or area that the individual is living in. 

Process servers also use other records to find individuals to be served. They can use private detectives to track people down to be served. They can also use many other tools, including software programs and online tools, to locate individuals.

Today, new methods of skip tracing have come into fashion. Many process servers are now using social media to find individuals who need to be served. Your social media account contains a lot of useful information, including current city and potentially current employer.

When Skip Tracing Is Necessary

Skip tracing becomes necessary whenever you have a court case in which the other party cannot be located. In most instances, court cases cannot move forward until the other party has been served with legal documents. When you need to get a resolution, skip tracing by your private process server can be the edge you need.

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