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Where People Can Be Served

Did you know that people don’t necessarily have to be served at home? In fact, there are many different places and times that people can be served legally, as long as there is a private process server willing to go to that location at that specified time.

There are actually few places that people can’t be served. A person can be served virtually anywhere, as long as there are no “no trespassing” signs posted. If you have lost track of someone who needs to be served but you know exactly where they will be at a certain day and time, they can be served at that time and place.

There are a few rules or standards about serving people at their place of employment. As a general rule, you can serve someone at their workplace with little trouble. Again, if there are “no trespassing” signs posted, the process server will not be able to serve them at work. In addition, if the person is not readily accessible and management refuses to notify them of the process server’s presence, there is nothing that the process server can do except wait around for them to come out of the building.

You should also be aware that someone can be served on any day of the year. People can even be served on national holidays, including Christmas. You can also be served papers on Sundays, or any other day that the process server is willing to work. With that said, most process servers will refuse to serve papers on Christmas Day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are different guidelines for serving a company or organization rather than an individual or group of individuals. If you are serving a company or other organization, you will need to serve their specified registered agent at their office during their posted business hours. You cannot serve such persons at any other location.

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