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Does a Process Server Need to be Licensed?

If you need to hire a process server to deliver court process or other important documents, you’ll obviously want to hire someone reputable and reliable. But how can you know which process servers are qualified?

Florida Requires Process Server Certification or Appointment

The state of Florida has enacted laws governing the process server industry which require that all private process servers meet minimum standards, be certified by the judicial circuit where they intend to work or be appointed to serve process in a case by the local Sheriff or a judge. The certification process is similar in all areas of Florida, including here in Orange County. In Orange County, which is governed by the 9th Judicial Circuit, process server applicants must:

  • Submit an application and pay an application fee
  • Submit a Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Pass a background check
  • Pass a process server training examination with a score of at least 80%
  • Post a $5,000 surety bond

Once all these requirements are met, the applicant will be reviewed by the 9th Judicial Circuit and possibly approved to work in Orange and Osceola counties as a process server. It’s important to note that being certified as a process server in the 9th Judicial Circuit only permits the server to work in Orange and Osceola counties. Serving process in any other Florida county, or in any other state, will require the server to apply for or meet the standards for a process server in that area.

No Federal Process Server Standards

Florida regulates its process server industry to make sure that only qualified servers are handling this very important legal task, but it’s actually the minority. Many states have no formal process server certification process at all. Furthermore, the federal government also does not regulate the process server industry. This means they offer no guidance to states as to what their minimum standards for a process server should be. There are several groups actively working to promote process server regulation in the U.S.

Certified Process Servers in Orlando

If you need a certified private process server in the Orlando area, Accurate Serve® of Orlando has what you need. Our servers are all currently certified in Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit, so you’ll never have to worry about your case being affected due to an unqualified server. For more information, call 407-868-5992. When you’re ready to get started, send us a work request online, via fax, via postal mail, or drop it off in person at one of our offices in Orlando, Kissimmee, or Lake Mary.