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The Qualities You Want in Your Process Server

When it comes to legal proceedings, choosing a certified and reliable process server to handle your documents is not only a smart choice; it’s mandated by Florida state law. If the process serving is not conducted professionally, your legal case could face serious complications. In order to ensure you select a process server who will carry out their duties effectively and professionally, it’s essential to check the following qualifications:

Proper Certification

In Orange and Osceola counties, all process servers must be certified by Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit. To be officially certified, process servers need to meet several important criteria, including:

Top-Tier Ethics

The process serving profession requires the highest degree of ethical conduct, considering the job primarily relies on the honesty and integrity of the server. This is why all initial and renewal process server applications in the 9th judicial circuit must be accompanied by a Certificate of Good Conduct. If a potential process server has a history of unethical behaviors, such as lying about their identity, providing unauthorized advice to recipients, intimidating process recipients, or engaging in illegal activities while on duty, it’s best to move on to the next potential server.

Stellar References

Before finalizing your choice of a process server, don’t forget to ask for references. An experienced and professional process server should readily provide references that vouch for their work ethic and reputation. If they’re unable to produce references, or if the references contradict the server’s claims, it’s advised to consider other options.

Don’t Cut Corners When Hiring a Florida Process Server!

Finding a process server with the proper certification, ethical conduct, and a good reputation can mean the difference between a smooth legal process and a host of avoidable complications. Don’t compromise on the quality of your process server; it could cost you thousands and countless hours in the future!

Accurate Serve has All the Right Qualities

If you’re in need of a reliable, certified, and ethical process server in Orlando, Kissimmee, or Lake Mary, Florida, we invite you to contact Accurate Serve at (407) 868-5992 or send us a work request online. If you’re not within our service area, don’t worry. You can visit theaccurateservefranchise.com to find the Accurate Serve location closest to you.